DreamHack March Begins Later Today

DreamHack March Begins Later Today

DreamHack March Begins Later Today

Today is the first day of DreamHack Open March 2021, a $100,000 online Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event with two divisions – North America and South America – and $100,000 at stake.

The North American division will feature eight teams competing for $70,000. The division will be held in two stages – first, the participants will compete in two GSL groups with best-of-three series, and then top two teams from each group will advance to the single elimination playoffs bracket, where semifinals will be bo3, and the grand finals will be bo5. The groups look as follows:

Group A Group B
High Coast Esports Bad News Bears
RGB Esports Extra Salt
Team Liquid paiN Gaming
Triumph Rebirth Esports

The group stage matches will be played from March 10th to 13th, while the playoffs will be played on March 13th – 14th. The first series will look as follows (UK time):

9:00 PM

  • Group A – Liquid vs RBG
  • Group B – BNB vs Rebirth

00:30 AM

  • Group A – HCE vs Triumph
  • Group B – Extra Salt vs paiN

The tournament’s South America division will also be played from March 10th to 14th, however it will feature a different format with four teams competing in a double-elimination bracket. The regular matches will be best-of-three, while the grand final will be best-of-one with one-map advantage for the upper bracket team. The first round will look as follows:

  • 5:30 PM: Imperial Esports vs Havan Liverty
  • 5:30 PM: 9z Team vs Sharks Esports

Earlier last month DreamHack revealed the full schedule of their CS:GO events for this year – the season is expected to conclude with two LAN events in November.