Dota 2 Update 7.28: Aghanim’s Shard Grants Heroes New Abilities

Dota 2 Update 7.28: Aghanim’s Shard Grants Heroes New Abilities

Dota 2 Update 7.28: Aghanim’s Shard Grants Heroes New Abilities

One of the biggest additions of the Dota 2’s latest update Mistwoods, besides the new hero Hoodwink, is the new item Aghanim’s Shard.

The item can be bought for 1400 gold starting at 20 minutes and is automatically consumed. Depending on a hero you are playing, you will either unlock an additional ability or improve an existing one. The UI was updated to display which upgrades you can get by purchasing both Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard.

Overall, almost 30 heroes can get new abilities by purchasing the shard:


  • BERSERK POTION: Throws a potion at the target ally, applying a basic dispel and granting +50 Attack Speed and +40 HP Regen for 10 seconds. Cast Range: 800. Cooldown: 45. Manacost: 125. Can be used on self.


  • HAIRBALLNEW: Coughs a quill filled hairball towards the target location. Erupts at the location, hitting enemies in a 700 radius with Goo and two Quills. Cast Range: 1500. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 100.


  • SILKEN BOLA: Consumes 1 Spin Web charge and roots the target enemy for 2 seconds. Cast Range: 900. Cooldown: 12. Manacost: 50.


  • JETPACKNEW: Rises up and grants flying vision, flying movement and 15% movement speed, but significantly reduced ability to turn. Lasts 6 seconds. You are disarmed during the flight. Casting Hookshot ends this buff. Cooldown: 25. Manacost: 150.


  • NORMAL PUNCH: Passive cooldown attack. Causes your next attack on a hero to knock an illusion out of them and stun them for up to 2 seconds, knock back for 350 distance and deal 250 damage based on how far you've moved in the past 3 seconds. Cooldown: 14. Max power is after 1500 distance moved. Illusions lasts for 5 seconds.


  • FIREBALL: Grants Elder Dragon Form the Fireball ability. Ignites a 450 AoE area for 10 seconds, dealing 80 damage per second to enemies in it. Lasts 10 seconds. Cast Range: 1400. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 150.


  • INK OVER: Covers a target enemy in ink for 6 seconds, slowing attack speed by 50, movement speed by 20% and dealing a total of 240 damage over its duration. Cast Range: 700. Cooldown: 14. Manacost: 125


  • LIQUID FROST: Autocast attack ability. Causes your Ice head to release a frost based attack, slowing enemies by 30% and dealing 20 + 2.5% max health as damage per second for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 12.


  • TIDAL WAVE: Releases a wave towards the target direction that deals 225 damage and drags (non-interrupting) enemies along it for 600 range over 1.25 seconds. The wave spawns 600 units behind you and travels 1400 distance in front of you. Has 700 speed and 750 radius. Cooldown: 16. Manacost: 150


  • ICE SPIRE: Creates an icicle at the target spot for 15 seconds, slowing enemies by 20% within 500 range. Chain Frost can bounce to the Icicle if there are no other enemies in range. Can cast Frost Shield on it. Has 300 health. Cast Range: 750. Cooldown: 25. Manacost: 150


  • HORN TOSS: Tosses enemies in front of you, launching them behind you. Enemies spend 0.6 seconds in the air and take 150 damage on landing and are stunned for 0.25 seconds. Cast Range: 100. Cooldown: 30. Manacost: 125.


  • COLD BLOODED: When you are targeted with a spell, a single target Mystic Snake is sent back towards the enemy. Cooldown: 12.


  • DEATH SEEKER: Spawns a fast moving large Death Pulse towards the target enemy or ally (not self), dealing 50% more damage and causing it to spread a normal Death Pulse towards nearby enemies and allies. Cast Range 900. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 150.


  • FIRE SHIELD: Creates a shield around the target ally or building, absorbing 70% of the damage from the next 3 attacks. Launches fireballs at the attacker, dealing 125 damage. Lasts 25 seconds. Can be Multicast. Cast Range: 600. Cooldown: 18. Manacost: 125.


  • ROLL UP: Turns you into a protective ball for up to 4 seconds, gaining magic immunity and allowing you to turn. Can be cast during Rolling Thunder to temporarily pause it. Can cast Rolling Thunder and Shield Crash during Roll Up. If enemies attack you during Roll Up, you will roll away from the attacker for 0.75 seconds, applying Rolling Thunder damage/stun if there are enemies in the way. Cooldown: 30


  • FAN OF KNIVES: Releases sharp blades around you in a 550 AoE, dealing 12% of enemies' max health on impact and applies Break for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 125.


  • SLEEPING DART: Fires a dart at the target enemy, putting them to sleep for 3 seconds (target is invulnerable until duration ends). When the target wakes up, they receive 150 damage and are slowed by 25% for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 20. Cast Range: 1200. Manacost: 125


  • FISH BAIT: Can throw it on enemies to reduce their movement speed by 30% and grant you truesight over them for 4 seconds. If you pounce an enemy during that time, you will be rewarded with 50 attack speed for the duration of Pounce. Cast range: 1100. Manacost: 100. Cooldown: 20.


  • CONCUSSIVE GRENADE: Knocks enemies back 425 units, slowing them by 50% and disarming them for 3 seconds. Radius: 375. Cast Range: 550. Cooldown: 20. Manacost: 75


  • ELECTRIC RAVE: Gives you and allied heroes within 750 AoE of you 3 Overload charges. Lasts up to 12 seconds or until the charges are depleted. Cooldown: 30. Manacost: 150. Additionally, passively provides 40 Attack Speed to Storm Spirit.


  • DEMON ZEAL: Costs 25% of your Current HP to cast, providing you +25 Movement and +50 Attack Speed for 6 seconds. Provides 50% more bonus while melee. Cooldown: 14.


  • FLAMETHROWER: Releases a flame in the direction you are facing. Lasts 7 seconds. Applies a debuff that deals 75 DPS and slows by 20% for 3 seconds. Sets trees on fire that eventually die after 5 seconds. Cooldown: 15. Manacost: 100.


  • DEFENSE MATRIX: Targets an allied unit, applying a barrier to them that blocks the next 200 damage and provides 40% status resistance. Barrier lasts up to 10 seconds or until the damage shield is consumed. Cast Range: 400. Cooldown: 30. Manacost: 100.


  • CRAGGY EXTERIOR: Passive. Provides a 20% chance to stun the enemy for 1 second and deal 100 damage when a physical attack impacts your hero. Works against enemies within 400 range. Procs after an attack impacts, and does not affect Spell Immune enemies.


  • FROZEN SIGIL: Summons a flying Sigil that slows enemy attack by -30 and movement speed by -20% for enemies within 650 radius. Lasts 25 seconds. Cooldown: 30. Manacost: 100.


  • VOODOO SWITCHEROO: Turns you into a Death Ward for 2 seconds. Death Ward has -30 Attack Speed. You are hidden/invulnerable during this time. Cooldown: 70. Manacost: 250.

Besides the Aghanim’s Shard, update 7.28 also added 12 new items, among which are three upgrades to Blink Dagger. You can find the patch notes on the official website.